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Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment - Christian Rehab, Holistic Treatment, Faith-based Treatment

What are Christian rehab, holistic and faith-based treatment plans?

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Many drug and alcohol rehab and treatment centers are Christian or faith-based, which base their rehabilitation programs on religious or spiritual values. Two examples of faith-based treatments are Christian rehab and holistic rehab and treatment.


Christian drug and alcohol treatment and faith-based treatment centers offer several services that are different from non-religious rehab and treatment centers, including: 


1. Faith is at the core of rehabilitation material.

2. Counselors and caseworkers are typically trained to use faith-based principles as the core of counseling and therapy.

3. Treatment programs incorporate elements related to faith including mediation, church services, prayer, etc.


Depending on the specific faith-base treatment center, an addict may be required to strictly adhere to the center’s religious belief system and schedule of faith-based events. However, there are many Christian rehabs and holistic treatment centers that do not require the addict to believe in the tenants of their faith, but he/she does have to be willing to listen and participate in their treatment plans for the addict.


What does Christian rehab and holistic rehab offer?

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Christian rehab treatment centers, holistic rehabs, and other faith-based programs typically offer the same types of programs as non-religious treatment centers. There are various lengths of time that you can stay in the program, for example 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. There is also inpatient and outpatient treatment programs provided by many of the Christian and holistic treatment centers.


Although each rehab center is different, Christian rehabs, holistic rehabs, and other faith-based rehabs typically utilize similar treatment and recovery plans as non-religious centers. For example, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction begins with detoxification, followed by education and counseling, then preparation for sober re-entry into the world. Many programs also offer sober living and extended care centers as well.


How are Christian, holistic and faith-based rehabs different from non-faith-based treatment centers?


The difference between non-faith based rehabs and Christian rehabs, holistic or other faith-based rehabilitation treatment centers is the extra activities and sessions that are included in treatment and recovery plans, as well as the types of material used throughout recovery.


Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs focus on using God as the root and focus of recovery and what an addict needs to get help and recover. Christian rehab centers may use Christian-based 12-step program material, for example. Along with customary treatment options like detox, Christian rehabs also include activities that further incorporate Christianity into drug and alcohol recovery. Therefore, it may be mandatory or an option to attend several Christian based services, such as:


 - Church services

 - Prayer groups

 - Spiritual and esteem-building exercises

 - Christian counseling


Holistic rehab and treatment is focused on treating the “whole” person: mind, body, and spirit. This means doing physical and psychiatric evaluations, biochemical profiles to look at a patient’s brain, individual and group therapy, nutrition, fitness, and life skills training. Other holistic rehab services include:


 - Acupuncture

 - Healthy and nutritious diet planning

 - Massage therapy

 - Meditation

 - Tai-chi

 - Yoga


Christian drug and alcohol rehab, holistic rehab and other faith-based rehabilitation treatment programs offer an alternative to traditional rehab programs by providing treatment plans and recovery options that are grounded in core principles of faith and wholeness that many addicts and rehab facilities believe are a vital part of successful recovery.



* does not promote, is not sponsored by, and doesn’t support a particular religion, creed, or sect that provides drug rehabilitation and treatment. Faith-based treatment centers are one viable option for drug and alcohol addicts looking for treatment rooted in religious or spiritual principles incorporated into detox, faith-based counseling, family therapy, and all around treatment.