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New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 3


August 3, 2010


Marijuana Decriminalization the Christian Way - The Huffington Post


Theology graduate student, James Clark, looks at the striking statistics about drugs, incarceration, and race as noted in The Economist article, “Rough Justice” and talks about how the “Christian” way is the legalizing way.


James Clark. Why Marijuana Decriminalization Should be a Christian Issue. The Huffington Post. August 3, 2010. 


Happy Extroverts are More Creative  - The Independent


British newspaper, The Independent, reports on a new study that finds extroverted people that are in a good mood have a larger amount of dopamine, the chemical that charges the reward center of the brain. In turn, this extra amount of dopamine fuels creativity.


Martin Halfpenny. Happy extroverts chemically ‘move creative’. The Independent. August 3, 2010. 


Find a way to active the ventral striatum and you could help cure addiction. - WebMD


Katrina Woznicki. Study May Reveal New Coping Strategies for Cravings and Addictions. WebMD Health News. August 2, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 2


August 2, 2010


Pot Brownies Double Fined  - CBS News


Last Thursday the “Saving Kids From Dangerous Drug Act” passed, which doubles the penalties for selling drug-infused sweets such as pot brownies and candy.


California Senator, Dianne Feinstein, sponsored the bill.


Entire article:

Alan Hunter. Senate and Pot Brownies: Bill Could Double Trouble for Medical Marijuana Treats. CBS News. August 2, 2010. Accessed: August 3, 2010. 


Made in the USA means 20% Made in the USA  - USA Today


USA Today reports on a Pew Charitable Trust's Prescription Project poll that finds three out of four voters “are confident” that prescription drugs made in the USA are free from contamination. Alternatively, only one in 10 feel confident in prescriptions coming from India or China.


80% of the materials used for “Made in the USA” products come from abroad.


Entire article:

Rita Rubin. Voters trust drugs made in the USA, but few are. USA Today. August 3, 2010. 


Scotland Drug Abuse Among Worst in the World  - The Herald


The Herald of Scotland reports on the findings of the UN’s latest World Drug Report, which found that 4% of Scotland’s population regularly uses cocaine and 1.5% inject or smoke opiates.


For the article:

Helen McArdle. Scotland among world’s worst for drug abuse. The Herald Scotland. August 2, 2010. Accessed: August 3, 2010. 


New Scientific Director for the NIDA  - NIH News


The National Institute on Drug Abuse recent press release announced: “Antonello Bonci, M.D., one of the world's leading researchers in neuropsychopharmacology, has been appointed the Scientific Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse's (NIDA) Intramural Research Program (IRP) in Baltimore.”


For the entire press release:

NIH News. Leading Addiction Researcher Antonello Bonci joins NIDA to lead Intramural Research Program. August 2, 2010. Accessed: August 3, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 30 - August 1


July 30 - August 1, 2010


Addiction according to Lance Armstrong -


Lance Armstrong’s website,, now offers articles and videos about drug addiction and drug effects.



Dual Diagnosis Anonymous - Psychiatric Services


As described in the article published by Psychiatric Services, Dual Diagnosis Anonymous groups for people struggling with co-occurring disorders are becoming more popular in Oregon and are used in conjunction with drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment programs.


Alcohol & Drug Abuse: Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon. Psychiatric Services. August 2010. Accessed August 2, 2010.



Chicago Suburbs - The Hotbed of America's Heroin Addiction - Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune reports that Roosevelt University has found that hospitals’ records from in and around Chicago show that heroin abuse in the Chicago region is more extreme than anywhere else in the US. It is predominately a problem with young people, teens, and 20-somethings, from the suburbs.


For the full article:

John Keliman. Suburbia’s heroin addiction. Chicago Tribune. July 31, 2010. Accessed: August 2, 2010.


The Chicago Tribune has done a series based on different people affected by drugs:

 - The bystander, Chicago Tribune

 - The mom, Chicago Tribune

 - The addict, Chicago Tribune

 - The cop, Chicago Tribune

 - The survivor, Chicago Tribune


*It is important for news sources to cover the full reach of drug abuse and addiction, such as the Chicago Tribune’s multi-faceted approach in this series.


* See also Julia O'Malley seven part series, Hooked, of one woman’s struggle with heroin.

Julia O’Malley. Hooked. Anchorage Daily News. June 20, 2010.



Book Review Combines Many Drug Conversations - NYT


Robert Perkinson’s review of Tom Feiling’s book, Cocaine Nation, is not just a book review. It combines the statistics laden in the Vienna Declaration, effects of the crack vs. powder cocaine verdict, as well as Feiling’s in-depth detail of cocaine production throughout South America. Perkinson says the book concludes that legalization may be the most holistic and effective solution to America's issues surrounding cocaine.


For the entire article,

Robert Perkinson. Drug of Choice. The New York Times. July 30, 2010. Accessed August 2, 2010.



Addiction Treatment vs. Prison System Debate Rages On - Newsweek


Newsweek covers the issue of drug addiction as a disease and the US’s incarceration rate due to non-violent drug-related crimes. The article highlights the need for rehabilitation and treatment programs in prisons and the lack of programs or funds for the programs throughout the US.


The article provides striking statistics from organizations such as the NIDA, which found that “heroin addicts who received no [addiction] treatment in jail were seven times as likely as treated inmates to become re-addicted and three times as likely to end up in prison again.” By providing rehabilitation, Human Right Watch finds that “For every dollar spent, the programs save $2 to $6 by reducing the costs of re-incarceration.”


For more, click:

The Case for Treating Drug Addicts in Prison. Newsweek. June 29, 2010. Accessed: August 2, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 29, 2010


July 29, 2010


Behind the Execution: Prescription Drug Addiction and Abusive Husband Lead to Murder Associated Press


Teresa Lewis was told by the September 23rd would be the date of her execution for hiring two hit men to murder her husband and step-son to collect their life insurance policy money.


Lewis has a history of prescription drug addiction. Her husband was also an abusive alcoholic.


For the entire article:

Dena Potter. 1st US execution of woman since 2005 set for Sept. Associated Press. July 29, 2010. Accessed: July 30, 2010.


Blame Impulsiveness on Your BrainScientific American


More impulsive people have less active dopamine receptors in their midbrain, but are more likely to emit large quantities of dopamine, finds researcher Joshua Buckholtz and from Vanderbilt University. Using PET scans, Buckholtz found that when participants (32 people, ages 18 to 35, without substance abuse issues) were tested to measure impulsivity, people who had higher impulsivity score had lower activity in the midbrain D2/D3 autoreceptors, which receive dopamine. When given an amphetamine, more dopamine was released in these individuals than those who tested as less impulsive.


For entire article:

Katherine Harmon. Dopamine Determines Impulsive Behavior. Scientific American. July 29, 2010. Accessed: July 30, 2010.


Suicide, Mental Issues and Drug Abuse by Soldiers Found in U.S. Army Report - NPR


NPR reports that The U.S. Army has released a report that concludes it has not paid enough attention to mental health issues, which can lead to violence, drug abuse and suicide.


Prescription drug abuse among soldiers and veterans has lead the U.S. Army to search for alternatives for pain management among soldiers. 


For the report:

David Gura. Army Vice Chief Peter Chiarelli Addresses Soldier Suicides, Drug Abuse. National Public Radio. July 29, 2010. Accessed: July 30, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 28, 2010


July 28, 2010


Gains for Crack Cocaine in the House of Representatives - The Huffington Post


The Huffington Post reported on a House of Representatives vote that reduces the disparity in sentencing between crack cocaine and powder cocaine possession. Before the vote, only 5 grams of crack cocaine was needed for a felony charge vs. 500 grams for powder cocaine – a 100-to-1 difference.


The bill has passed, now making the difference 18-to-1 with a possession of 28 grams of crack cocaine being a felony.


For the complete article, click here:

Ryan Grim. Crack-Powder Sentencing Disparity Reformed by Congress. The Huffington Post. July 28, 2010. Accessed: July 28, 2010.


Heavy Drinking Linked to Genetics  - Scientific American


A study led by Helle Laren finds that the amount a person drinks could be influenced by what they see others doing and genetics.

People with DNA test showing a variant of dopamine receptor DRD4 were observed to drink twice as much when plants in the study had at least three drinks.


For the article in Scientific American:

Katherine Harmon. Genetics Predisposes for heavy Drinking After Watching Heavy Drinking. Scientific American. July 28, 2010. Accessed: July 30, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 23-26 2010


July 23 - July 26, 2010


Industrialized Marijuana: the Two-Buck Chuck of Cannabis - MSNBC


Business man, Jeff Wilcox, spoke at Oakland’s City Council meeting, advocating for the legalization of industrial-sized marijuana farms. Wilcox said large-scale production would give the basic weed user a “clean, controlled, great-value product”, repots MSNBC (via Reuters).


For the complete story, click here:

Peter Henderson. High finance and corporate pot, California style. MSNBC. July 25, 2010. Date access: July 26, 2010.



Interview with ‘Twelve’ creator could spark wide debate about teens, drugs, and satire vs. reality - NYT


The New York Times interviews moviemaker Joel Schumacher, director, writer, and producer of everything from The Phantom of the Opera and Batman & Robin to classics like St. Elmo’s Fire. NYT remarks that Schumacher is going back to his teen-angst roots with the upcoming movie Twelve, based on Nick McDonell’s book of the same name.


While the subject matter of New York City teenage socialites partying, having sex, doing drugs, and having sex to do drugs is not new, Twelve, opening on August 6th, could possible spark conversations about more than just Schumacher’s comeback.


For the complete interview, click here:

Back to a Land Well Visited: Teenage Angst. The New York Times. July 23, 2010. Date access: July 26, 2010.


Before it’s legal: The Debate Continues - San Francisco Chronicle


The health hazards versus benefits of marijuana rage on in an San Francisco Chronicle article.


For the complete article, click here:

Kevin Fagan. How healthy – or dangerous – is marijuana use? San Francisco Chronicle. July 18, 2010. Date access: July 26, 2010.


Statistics Questioned as Prescription Pill Addiction “Epidemic” “Rises” -


As more and more stories come out about the rise of prescription pill addiction throughout the country, the book Sex, Drugs, and Body Counts asks people to not take every statistic at face value. Instead, Jack Schafer of notes that the book advocates posing questions such as,


Where do the estimates come from, who produces them, what legitimating function do they serve, and how (if at all) are they explained in official reporting?

What are the implications and consequences (intended and un-intended) of choosing one set of numbers over another?

To what degree are the numbers accepted or challenged, and why?

What purpose do they serve?


For the complete article, click here:

Jack Shafer. By the Numbers. July 14, 2010. Date access: July 26, 2010.


For one recent example of prescription pill abuse and addiction in the US, click here:

Sara Smith. Pill collection program could cure epidemic of abuse. Park Rapids Enterprise. July 24, 2010. Date access: July 26, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 21 2010


July 21, 2010


Delaware’s New Law for Prescription Meds - The News Journal


The increase in robberies and arrests due to prescription drugs have fueled Delaware’s new law to create a database that requires pharmacies to monitor prescription drug use.


For the full article, click here:

The News Journal. New drug law just part of a solution. July 21, 2010. Date access: July 22, 2010. 



Deaths in Houston from Prescription Drugs - The Chronicle


The Chronicle in Houston, Texas reports on the number of deaths in various counties due to prescription drug abuse.


For the full article, click here:

Lise Olsen. The Other Drug War. The Chronicle. July 19, 2010. Date access: July 22, 2010.


Andy Dick Candid About Rehab with Joy Behar - Mediaite


Mediate reports on the absurdity of the candid and open interview Joy Behar had with actor Andy Dick about advice to Lindsay Lohan, drug rehab, and having Chris Farley as a sponsor.


For the full article, click here:

Jon Bershad. Andy Dick Surprises Joy Behar with Surprisingly Serious Interview about Drug Addiction. Mediaite. July 21, 2010. Date access: July 22, 2010. 



Al Jazeera reports on Abuse of Drug 4 x 100 in Thailand - Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera reports on a new drug called 4 x 100, made out of boiling kratom leaves, Coca Cola, and the powder inside fluorescent light bulbs among other drugs. The report also talks about the drug problem, addicts of this drug, and the rehabilitation being created for the drug issue.


For the full article:

Al Jazeera. Drugs ‘fuelling’ Thailand unrest. Date accessed: July 22, 2010.


Popular Science reports on new drug to Help Stop Addiction - Popular Science


Popular Science's website reports on the drug Ibogaine, a brown powder from the African Tabernathe iboga plant. Since 1962, researchers have tested the hallucinogen for its ability to bind with opiate receptors to prevent cravings. Ibogaine therapy is legal in Mexico and Europe where addicts have reported positive effects, including not having drug cravings or withdrawal symptoms. It is currently a Schedule I drug in the U.S.


For the full article:

Steven Kotler. Fighting Drugs With Drugs: An Obscure Hallucinogen Gains Legitimacy as a Solution for Addictions. July 21, 2010. Date access: July 22, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: July 20 2010


July 20, 2010


MDMA: An effective treatment for PTSD? - TIME Magazine


TIME magazine reports on a study published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology that MDMA may be an effective treatment for people suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Led by psychiatrist Dr. Michael Mithoefer, the study looks at a randomized, controlled trial of MDMA (ecstasy) with patients with PTSD whose symptoms have not subsided with the traditional treatment of psychotherapy and antidepressants.


As noted in TIME, the study shows that MDMA is a safe and an effective treatment when used in a controlled environment and in conjunction with psychotherapy treatment.


According to TIME, the published study notes that, after two months of controlled treatment, including psychotherapy sessions before, during, and after MDMA was taken, ten out of the 12 patients in the study who were given MDMA did not show signs of PTSD symptoms. Alternatively, two out of the eight patients given a placebo showed equal improvement.


For this article, click here:

John Cloud. Ecstasy Shows Promise in Relieving PTSD. TIME. July 20, 2010. Date of access: July 20, 2010.


Portugal’s Law Legalizing Drugs Turns 10 - The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how Portugal’s law decriminalizing drugs, by providing rehabilitation and treatment resources rather than jail time, is impacting the country, its social welfare, and other European countries’ approach to drug laws.


For this article, click here:

Susana Ferreira. At 10, Portugal’s Drug Law Draws New Scrutiny. The Wall Street Journal. July 20, 2010. Date accessed: July 20, 2010.


Not Admitting Addiction is a Disease is the Medical Profession’s Greatest Failure - The Huffington Post


Joseph A. Califano Jr., Chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University writes for the Huffington Post to talk about the lack of education about drug and alcohol addiction as a disease provided by medical and public health professionals in the U.S.


Mr. Califano notes that the failure of doctors to give drug-addicted patients the same medical treatment as other patients is “inconsistent” with their Hippocratic oath and, thus, many families and individuals have suffered.


Califano calls drug and alcohol addiction an “elephantine epidemic” in America. He notes that working toward the acknowledgment of addiction as a disease and educating the public may take a generation, but it must be treated like AIDS or smoking awareness has been in the past.


For this article, click here:

Joseph A. Califano Jr. The Greatest Failure of the Medical and Public Health Professions. The Huffington Post. July 20, 2010. Date accessed: July 20, 2010. 


OxyContin Related Robberies Increasing in Canada  - The Calgary Herald


The Calgary Herald reports that drug stores are being warned to look out for signs of potential robberies by addicts of OxyContin. In Canada there have been an increasing number of robberies by OxyContin addicts wanting to feed their addictions.


The report notes a University of Victoria study done in 2006 found that OxyContin and other prescription opioids are a more popular drug in drug abusers in Canada than heroin.


For this article, click here:

Daryl Slade. Druggists warned as desperate OxyContin addicts turn to robbery to feed habit. Calgary Herald. July 20, 2010. Date accessed: July 20, 2010. 


Phoenix House Founder Elected to Board of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America  - PR Newswire


A PR Newswire reports that Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal, founder of Phoenix House treatment center and previous White House advisor on drug policy, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.


For this article, click here:

Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal, Founder of Phoenix House, Elected to the Board of Directors of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. PR Newswire. July 20, 2010. Date accessed: July 20, 2010. 


Seattle Hospitals Delivering More Prescription Drug Addicted Babies  - NWCN


Seattle King 5 television news reports on the increase of babies being born with prescription drug addictions. The report notes it can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days for a newborn to wean off the prescription drugs and that the babies often suffer from hypersensitivity to overstimulation of noise and light. The long-term effects are yet to be known.


For this article, click here:

Roberta Romero. Hospitals seeing more prescription drug addicted babies. NWCN. July 20, 2010. Date accessed: July 20, 2010.

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