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New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 17


August 17, 2010 


BBC’s Take on Countries’ Drug Regulation  - BBC


BBC goes through up to five countries to flesh out their different approaches to drug regulation and criminalization.


Drugs laws around the world. BBC. August 17, 2010. 


FDA Looking to Change the Way You Get Information About Drugs  - NPR


NPR looks at the pamphlets that come with prescription medications, how confusing they are, and what patients are demanding the FDA change.


April Fulton. Drug Information Fliers: Prescription for Confusion? NPR. August 17, 2010.


Study Finds Protein that Turns Recreational Cocaine Use to Compulsive Use - TIME


Time magazine reports on a new study publish in Nature Neruoscience on the increase of protein MeCP2 in mice that could lead to compulsive cravings.


Laura Blue. Understanding the mind of a cocaine addict. TIME. August 16, 2010. Accessed: August 17, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 16


August 16, 2010


Candidates Come Clean with More than Just Marijuana Use - The Huffington Post


The Huffington Post clocks the number of Democrats who are recounting their drug use, including cocaine. This comes in line with legislation reducing the crack/powder cocaine disparity and the blue-ribbon commission to study prison system.


Gabriel Sayegh. Voters Care About Drug Policies, Not Past Drug Use. The Huffington Post. August 16, 2010. 


The Pennsylvania Dental Association Wants to Educate You About Meth  - PR Newswire


The effects of methamphetamine, called “meth mouth,” is a great way for the dental profession, such as those at the Pennsylvania Dental Association to become involved in educating the public about drugs and their effects.


The Truth About Meth: A Devastating and Addictive Drug. PR Newswire. August 16, 2010. 


Prevent Drug Addiction in Your Children with Exercise  - The Boston Globe


Inspired by Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor, Dr. John Ratey and his book Spark, Kathleen Tullie began the program, Fit Kidz Get Up & Go, which has garnered the attention of the Federal government.


Megan McKee. Fit Kidz expanding its reach. The Boston Globe. August 16, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 15


August 15, 2010


Increased Heroin Use in Chicago Suburb - Chicago Sun-Times


The Chicago Sun-Times reports increase in heroin use among white women in Cook County.


Heroin use among young white women shows dramatic increase. Chicago Sun-Times. August 15, 2010.


Miss Bolivia Fights Cocaine Trafficking  - The Guardian


Twenty six year-old, Jessica Anne Jordan Burton, former model and Miss Bolivia, has been appointed a viceroy in Bolivian province of Beni to President Evo Morales.


Andrés Schipani & Rory Carroll. Jessica Anne Jordan Burton: beauty queen defies cartel beasts in Bolivia’s war on Cocaine. Guardian. August 15, 2010. 


Sociologists and Geneticists Come Together to Look at Risky Behavior  - Science News


Science News reports, “University of North Carolina’s Guang Guo … and his colleagues found that teenage boys who have inherited two copies of a particular gene variant engage in fewer risky behaviors as they get older than their peers who carry at least one copy of another version of the same gene.”


This study has caused renewed conversation between sociologists about working with geneticists to understand how social context and genes work together.


Bruce Bower. Sociologists looking at risky behavior plunge into the gene pool. ScienceNews. August 15, 2010.


Positive Results of Addiction Treatment in Prison - Associated Press


Along with legalization of drugs and the fact that the “war on drugs” is not working, so too addiction treatment in prison has been increasingly talked about in the news media. MSN adds series of anecdotes to this mix via the Associated Press.


Ed Merriman. Prison treatment program shows good early results. Associated Press. August 14, 2010. Accessed: August 15, 2010.


Over 4 Million Baby Boomers Abuse Drugs - Psychology Today


Addiction expert, Jami Huysman, reports for Psychology Today about SAMHSA’s latest finding that 4.3 million adults over age 50 are abusing drugs, according to the administration’s stud of about 20,000 American adults born between 1946 and 1964.


James Huysman. US Trends, The New Addicts – Some Boomers Doing it Like 1969. Psychology Today. August 15, 2010.


Project 50’s Approach to Homelessness Could Be the Solution - The Los Angeles Times


The LA Times reports that Project 50, the project that targets the highest risk homeless in major cities to help get them in housing and to get drug and alcohol rehabilitation, looks to be a way to save taxpayer money.


Jon Morgenstern. ‘Housing first’ and helping the homeless. The Los Angeles Times. August 15, 2010. 


Chicagoist Connects More Dots in Chicago's ‘Heroin Epidemic’  - Chicagoist


A drug bust related to the Chicago gang, the New Breeds, points to the results of a Roosevelt University study that ranked Chicago as the number one city in the U.S. for heroin use.


Sean Stillmaker. Despite Heroin Busts, Drug Still a Problem. Chicagoist. August 15, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 13


‘Shooting Rooms’ Rejected in France - Digital Journal


France rejects a push to have “shooting rooms” where high-risk drug users can do drugs in a safe environment. Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia and Canada have shooting rooms.


Michael Cosgrove. France says no to drug addict ‘shooting rooms’. Digital Journal. August 13, 2010. 


Vicodin Wins the Popularity Issue  - Bloomberg Businessweek


Bloomberg Businessweek features Vicodin as the popular drug of choice in America.


The Popularity Issue: Drug: Vicodin. Bloomberg Businessweek. August 13, 2010. 


Jerry Brown and Anti-Gay Organizations have Something in Common  - East Bay Express


Legalization Nation, an East Bay Express report covering news on California’s marijuana issues, reported that the anti-gay marriage group has come out against marijuana legalization, as has Democrats Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer.


David Downs. Finally, Jerry Brown and the Anti-Gay Crowd Can Agree on Something: Reefer Madness. East Bay Express. August 12, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 12


August 12, 2010


Florida Takes Action Against Pill Mills - WDBO


The over 500 prescription pill dispensaries in Central Florida are leading Doctors to call these store fronts pill mills.  


Marva Hinton. Some doctors blame “pill mills” for rise in drug abuse. WDBO Local News. August 12, 2010.


For an in depth video about Florida and prescription pills, check out Emmy nomination show:

Vanguard. Current. Undercover at a Florida Pain Clinic.


Generation Rx: Why it is always blamed on the users? Not the prescribers? - Forbes Magazine


Forbes talks about the prevalence of prescription drug use on college campuses. While the last paragraph hints at the responsibility that doctors should play in not overprescribing the pills, the headline still tags the blame on the children.


Sara Peck. Generation Rx: Recreational Drugs of Choice on Campuses. Forbes Magazine. August 11, 2010.


Inmate Addiction Treatment Spreads: Add West Virginia to Those Considering the Possibilities - The Herald-Dispatch


An editorial in West Virginia’s Herald-Dispatch states the overwhelming statistic related to the issues facing the prison population and calls for a step up to efforts to get inmates off drugs and document the results.


The Herald-Dispatch. Editorial: Get serious about treating inmates with addictions. August 11, 2010.


Mediation Can Help Recovering Addicts’ Brains - The Huffington Post


The Huffington Post writes about brain plasticity and the use of meditation to help rearrange damages neurons.


Jeanne Ball. Keeping Your Prefrontal Cortex Online: Neuroplasticity, Stress and Meditation. The Huffington Post. August 11, 2010.


We all wanna know: is it time to legalize? - Miami Herald


On the tails of Vicente Fox supporting legalizing drugs because the US led “War on Drugs” has not been working, the Miami Herald continues the debate.


Andres Oppenheimer. Has the time come to legalize drugs? The Miami Herald. August 12, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 8


August 8, 2010


Recovery through AA for Food Addiction - The Boston Herald


The Boston Herald writes about the increase of obese Americans finding help through 12 step programs for addiction. One in 35 Americans having a binge eating disorder.


Jessica Fargen. Food addiction support groups growing in popularity. The Boston Herald. August 8, 2010.


There’s no such thing as a “teenage addict”. - has a biting commentary on the likelihood of teens become clinically addicted to drugs.  Instead, treatment centers are basically trying to get your money and are willing to be a dumping ground for teenagers that have problems that are anything except addiction.


Paul Elam. When Your Kids Smokes Pot. August 8, 2010.


The inconvenient truth about the “War on Drugs”: it doesn’t work. - The Guardian


British newspaper, The Guardian, has an editorial noting the statistics showing the increases in drug use and drug related violence throughout the world. The Guardian is calling for Britain’s new government to use its first few months of the term to change the “moralist” status quo ideas of the US led war on drugs and begin dealing with the real issue – not only are we losing the war on drugs, it doesn’t work.


Editorial. A unique chance to rethink drugs policy. The Guardian. August 8, 2010.


Money Does Not Equal Healing: Rehab & the 12-step Approach - The Washington Post.


Bankole A. Johnson, author of the new book, “The Rehab Myth: New Medications That Conquer Alcoholism,” writes for the Washington Post about the success rate (or lack there of) of the 12-step based AA program and the cost of various treatment centers compared to the actual recovery of addicts.


Bankole A. Johnson. We’re addicted to rehab. It doesn’t even work. The Washington Post. August 8, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 7


August 7, 2010


The Legacy of Crack Cocaine - Los Angeles Times


Sandy Banks writes about the applause Obama has received for signing The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 that corrects the unfair legalization of powder vs. crack cocaine, but the legacy of crack cocaine amongst millions of families and what it will take to change the course of history.


Sandy Banks. The crack epidemic’s toxic legacy. Los Angeles Times. August 7, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 4


August 4, 2010 


The Independent Blogs about Anorexia as Addiction The Independent


British newspaper, The Independent, features blog post about Anorexia and addiction, the power of rituals and what is not considered “addictive” behaviors.


For entire post:

Catherine. The final hit? Anorexia and addiction. The Independent. August 4, 2010.


An Addict’s Daily Diary After JailThe Guardian


Paul Johnston was recently released from prison in the UK. The Guardian, a British newspaper, covers his release and daily steps and thoughts of life after jail.

This is a very real and amazing look at daily life after prison.


For entire article:

Veronique Mistiaen. Out of prison and trying to go straight. The Guardian. August 4, 2010.


Prohibition and Legaizaltion: NYT’s Interview with Daniel OkrentNew York Times


New York Times blog, Freakonomics, solicited questions from readers for author Daniel Orkrent. His new book is called Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. The first question – Are there any similarities between the ‘War on Drugs’ and prohibition? The answer: Yes – their shared futility…you just can’t legislate against human appetites.


For the full interview:

Stephen J. Dubner. What Prohibition Can Teach Us About Marijuana Legalization – and Other Tales from Last Call Author Daniel Okrent. Freakonomics, New York Times. August 4, 2010.


Individual vs. Group Therapy: Celebrity Rehab Weighs InThe Huffington Post


Blogger, celebrity therapist, and founder of the Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation, talks about Dr. Drew’s show, Celebrity Rehab, to talk about the pros and cons of group versus individual therapy.


For entire article:

Lisa Haisha. Is Celebrity Rehav with Dr. Drew Helpful or Hurtful? The Huffington Post. August 4, 2010. 


US War on Drugs and the Criminal Justice System The Huffington Post


A look at where the country’s fight against drugs has done to innocent people and where the US is headed. Written by Vanita Gupta, director of the ACLU Center for Justice.


Vanita Gupta. From Incredible to Inevitable: How the Politics of Criminal Justice Reform May Be Shifting. The Huffington Post. August 4, 2010.


Clutter Addiction: Same Highs, Same TreatmentThe Huffington Post


Author Barb Rogers talks about the inside job of treating addictions to clutter.


Barb Rogers. Clutter Addiction. The Huffington Post. August 4, 2010.


Substance Abuse Rates Low Amongst Hispanic Americans MSN


A federal government study recent found that Hispanic-American adults have a lower rate of alcohol (46.1%) and illicit drug use (6.5%) than the national average, which is 55.2% for drinking and 7.9% for illicit drug use.


Robert Preidt. Substance Abuse Rates Low in Hispanic Americans: U.S. Report. MSN. August 4, 2010.

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