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New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: September 19


Meth Production Moves to the Countryside


An Alabama based website reports that methamphetamine production is moving into the countryside. “Shake and bake” laboratories make less meth than larger labs, but are typically used to produce meth for personal use.


The drug is made out of household items, including gasoline additives, rubbing alcohol, ether, paint thinner, even rat poison. Lisa Ling did a notable report on methamphetamine production.


Marty Roney. Meth producers changing their spots in River Region. September 19, 2010.

Montgomery Advertiser writes an editorial about Alambama's approach to sentencing: click here.


“Lock-‘em-up” Texas Law Maker has a Change of Heart


Texas Republican legislator, Rep. Jerry Madden, says sentencing a nonviolent criminal to alternative programs rather than prison saves the state money. He points out that rehabilitation, community work release, or mental health care can also keep people from re-offending. He told this to a conference of Alabama judges and district attorneys in Montgomery. Alabama’s prisons are at 200 percent capacity.


Given a charge by the governor of Texas not to build more prisons, Madden used research and program assessments to reallocate funds to go to alternative treatment centers. Texas now has 2,000 empty prison beds, has amended its correction budget issues, and readily gives money to alternative programs.


M.J. Ellington. Lawmaker advocates prison alternative. Times Daily. September 19, 2010.


California Flash Mob Brings Awareness to Prescription Drug Abuse


A flash mob organized by Placer County Youth Commission via text messaging and Facebook brings awareness to the National Prescription Drug Take Back Event on September 25, 2010. This is based on the program that began in New Jersey.


Joanna Jullien. Teen flash mob calls attention to Prescription Drug Take Back Event September 25. September 18, 2010.


Army Faces “Mammoth” Drug Abuse Problem


There are an increasing number of cases of soldiers' heavy drug abuse and criminal behavior when they return from combat in Iraq. The number of misdemeanors committed by soldiers has rose to 50,523 in 2009, over 15,000 of who were not charged. The report states that this is because the Army has ignored the problem over the last decade.


The article states that, “Officers who once trained soldiers on everything from drug abuse to financial planning had only enough time to get their troops ready for battle.”


Nancy A. Youssef. As Iraq winds down, Army tries to heal its own. The Seattle Times. September 18, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: September 17


What George Michael Looks Like in Jail


The UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, has a great article exploring George Michael and the potentials of what his life could be like in jail. One of the greatest things about the article is the picture of “George” in a jail cell, pointing out all of his amenities. George Michaels in jail


Sue Reid. Sobbing on G-wing, fallen idol George Michael who’s now (Inmate A8365AW). The Daily Mail. September 17, 2010.


Remember: Stress can lead to addiction


Thea Singer, a journalist and instructor at MIT, writes about stress, how it can lead to drug addiction, and what you can do to de-stress your life. Offers good pointers that are important to be reminded of time to time when life gets to crazy and you are thinking of turning to “alternative substances” to de-stress.


Thea Singer. Stress and Addiction – How to Cope. The Huffington Post. September 17, 2010.


Kid Cudi’s Complex Magazine Cover Interview Touches on Drug Abuse


Along with Kid Cudi’s new album, Complex Magazine is one of many that talks with the artist and delve into where the rapper is now, talking about where he has come from, to where he is going.


Kid Cudi Talks Drug Abuse, Emo Rap, Wale, Name-Dropping & More In Latest Issue of Complex. Complex Magazine. September 17, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: September 10


Mexico, California, and Weed: "Marijuana arrives in the United States soaked with the blood of Tijuana residents"


The Washington Post reports on the toll marijuana sales are having in Mexico, quoting Tijuana Mayor Jorge Ramos: "Marijuana arrives in the United States soaked with the blood of Tijuana residents." The report poses the ultimate question facing the international “War on Drugs,” - if the US is going to treat a drug like marijuana as a healing herb, why should Mexico continue to pursue drug dealers so intensely?


Nick Miroffand William Booth. Mexico wary as California votes on legalizing marijuana. The Washington Post. September 10.


NIH teams up with Grammy Foundation to Start Music Contest Against Teen Substance Abuse


The National Institutes of Health is teaming with MusiCares and the GRAMMY Foundation to start a music contest for teenagers to promote Teen Substance Abuse Awareness. The contest is for 14 to 18 year olds and asks teenagers to compose or create and original song or music video that celebrates a drug free life style. Winners receive a small cash award from the Visions Adolescent Treatment Center in Malibu, California.

dopamine, new scientist, drugs

NIDA Press Release. September 10, 2010.


Dopamine in Action


The New Scientist Reports on the winner of the Royal Photographic Society’s Combine Royal Colleges Medal, Spike Walker. He took a micrograph that shows crystals of dopamine and how they reflect light.


Dope art that makes you feel good. New Scientist. September 10, 2010.


(Image: Spike Walker/Wellcome Images)

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 24


August 24, 2010


Junkies Are Just People Too - The Guardian


An article in the British newspaper, The Guardian, talk about the issues and stigmas revolving around “junkies” or drug addicts and how this impacts whether or not they receive treatment and/or stay sober.


Diane Taylor. Not just junkies: the stigmatizing of drug addicts. The Guardian. August 24, 2010.


Russia Today Questions Increase in Religious Drug Treatment Centers - Russia Today


Russian Today, a Russian state-sponsored news channel, has a report that highlights the increase of religious-based drug and alcohol treatment centers, and question their legitimacy.


Religious rehab for drug addicts – helping hand or hindrance? Russia Today. August 24, 2010.


Inhalants Remain Drug of Choice in Mexico - USA Today


USA Today reports on the use of inhalants in Mexico by people who cannot afford marijuana or crack cocaine. The article says that powdered cocaine and heroin are seen as drugs for rich Americans. Instead, they inhale industrial solvents through a rag. Inhalant use has risen 70% from 2002 to 2008, according to Mexico’s Health Secretariat.


Chris Hawley. Mexico’s poorest addicts turn to cheap inhalants. USA Today. August 24, 2010.


Why has Prescription Addiction has Become so Prevalent? - The Washington Post


The Washington Post looks at the process of prescription pill addiction from prescription to getting pills to use to addiction.


Carolyn Butler. Painkillers such as Percocet can push everyday people into risky addiction. The Washington Post. August 24, 2010.


Could Our Consumption Habits Point to Addiction Habits? - The Huffington Post


Dylan Kendall looks at the visceral, behavioral, and reflective elements of objects and consumption, questioning how the brain receives this influx of dopamine and what that means for our level of happiness.


Dylan Kendall. I Shop Therefore I Am: Can Objects Make Us Happy? The Huffington Post. August 24, 2010.


Public Understanding of Addiction Could Help Curb Use - The Guardian


The Guardian looks at how the stigma around substance surrounding drug users and how there needs to be an attempt to inform the public about the nature of addiction.


Charlie Lloyd. Drug addicts are not to blame for their plight. The Guardian. August 24, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 21 and 22


August 21st and 22nd 2010


Doctors Plea: Know the Facts About Marijuana Before You Vote - San Francisco Chronicle


San Francisco Chronicle publishes article from Dr. Timmen Cermak, president of the California Society of Addiction Medicine, who asks readers to look at the facts of marijuana use and why Prop 19 is not a black and white issue.


Timmen Cermak. Californians must look at science of marijuana. San Francisco Chronicle. August 22, 2010.


The Life of a Probation Officer: View from the Other Side - The Guardian


The Guardian, a British Newspaper, looks at how to deal with criminals and other offenders from the side of a probation officer.


Leo Benedictus. A working life: The probation officer. The Guardian. August 21, 2010.


“Legalizing … is bad for California” Another Anti-Prop 19 Article by SF Chronicle - The San Francisco Chronicle


The San Francisco Chronicle has articles by the chiefs of police in Bay Area cities, coming against Prop 19, legalizing marijuana.


Susan E. Manheimer. Legalizing marijuana is bad for California. San Francisco Chronicle. August 22, 2010.


Coffee Could be Adding to Your Stress Load: Stop the Addiction Naturally - The Huffington Post


Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about coffee addiction and how to stop it for The Huffington Post.


Carolyn Dean, M.D. Coffee Addiction: How to Naturally Kick the Habit. The Huffington Post. August 22, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 20


August 20, 2010


Drug Drop-offs: the Next Step in Prevention? - First Coast News


In both Florida and Oklahoma today, Police and Rehab Centers are starting a drug drop-off night. This is where parents can take their old medications to various locations to have them be disposed of properly and safely.


Drug Drop-off Program this Weekend in Jacksonville, Fleming Island. First Coast News. August 20, 2010.


Teen Lit Writer Ellen Hopkins Cut from Festival for Risqué Subject Matter - GalleyCat


Ellen Hopkins was recently cut from the list of authors featured in the Teen Lit Festival in Humble, Texas. The festival organizers say it is because of concerns with her subject matter involving drug abuse and prostitution. Four other authors withdrew from the festival in protest.


Maryann Yin. Ellen Hopkins Cut from Teen Lit Fest; Authors Withdraw in Support. Galleycat. August 19, 2010. Accessed: August 20, 2010.


DJ AM Memorial Fund donates to Teen Addicts - The Huffington Post


After dealing with drug addiction himself and dying in 2009, the friends and family of Adam Goldstein, known as DJ AM, set up a memorial fund that gives money to young people battling addiction.


DJ AM Memorial Fund Donates to Help Struggling Teen Addicts. The Huffington Post. August 20, 2010.


World’s Dependence on Debt is Like Drug Addiction - NYT


New York Times’ blog, Freakonomics, reports on Plant Money’s interview with Nassim Taleb, who compared the developed world’s dependence on debt to drug addiction.


Freakonomics. Debt as a Drug. The New York Times. August 20, 2010.


Wall Street Drug Test Shows Employees Now Favor Weed over Cocaine - WSJ


According to the Wall Street Journal, a review of drug-test data compiled by drug testing firm Sterling Infosystems Inc. shows that cocaine use is down 16% and marijuana in failed drug tests is up from 64% to 80%.


Kyle Stock. Wall Street Drug Use: Employees Giving Up Cocaine for Pot and Pills. The Wall Street Journal. August 20, 2010.


Professor Critiques Drug Trials at Own University - NYT


Based on the case of a man who was enrolled in an antipsychotic drug study at the University of Minnesota and who committed suicide during the study, Professor Carl Elliott looks at the clinical trial industry in depth for Mother Jones magazine.


Natasha Singer. Mother Jones Takes on Clinical Trial Ethics. The New York Times. August 20, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 19


Afghan Women’s Addiction to Heroin


CNN world writes a short piece about women from Afghanistan and their struggle with heroin addiction.


Jill Dougherty. Afghan women, children turn to drugs. CNN. August 19, 2010.


Kids Tell Survey Their Schools are Drug Infected


The 15th annual teen survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University has come out with some startling new statistics on teens and drug use reports Business Week.


HealthDay News. Teen Survey Finds Gangs, Drugs Common in U.S. Schools. Businessweek. August 19, 2010.


My Own Daughter’s Relapse


A drug addiction counselor talks about the pain of her own daughter’s relapse.


Carole Bennett. My Own Daughter’s Relapse. The Huffington Post. August 19, 2010.


Scotland Criticized of Methadone Use by Drug Expert


Drug expert and professor, Neil McKeganey, criticizes Scotland for using methadone as the ultimate treatment for all drug addiction.


Gerry Duffy. Methadone out madness. The Scottish Sun. August 19, 2010.

New Drug News, Addiction News, Rehab News: August 18


August 18, 2010


Forbes publishes list of Most Medicated States - Forbes


West Virginia ranks number one on Forbes’ list of The Most Medicated States. There is a rate of 18.4 prescriptions filled per capita a year, followed by Tennessee at 16.9.


The Most Medicated States. August 16, 2010. Accessed: August 18, 2010.


Drug Tourism Causing Increased Crime Rates in the Netherlands - NYT


The New York Times reports on one Dutch city, Maastricht, that is hoping to get a band on selling legal recreational drugs to foreigners.


Suzanne Daley. A Dutch City Seeks to End Drug Tourism. New York Times. August 17, 2010. Accessed: August 18, 2010. 


The Debate Between the Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment  - Huffington Post & Washington Post


Deni Carise, Chief Clinical Officer at Phoenix House, argues against Bankole Johnson’s Washington Post Editorial, “We’re Addicted to Rehab. It Doesn’t Even Work.”


Deni Carise. Examining the Viability of Substance Abuse Treatment Today. The Huffington Post. August 16, 2010. Accessed: August 18, 2010.


Bankole Johnson. We’re Addicted to Rehab. It Doesn’t Even Work. The Washington Post. August 8, 2010. Accessed: August 18, 2010.

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