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Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 30


Drugs in the News:


Underage Drinking Hits Hospitals at New YearFox News


“According to the latest statistics, there were an estimated 1,980 visits to emergency rooms in the United States on January 1, 2009 related to underage drinking, nearly four times the 546 such visits on an average day that year.”


Brazilian star Jobson struggles with fame, drug addictionSports Illustrated


“Promising Brazilian striker Jobson has struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine.”


New Survey: 51% Under 21-Year Olds Say They Will Drink New Year's EveSF Gate


“A December 27-29 survey of 151 persons under 21 revealed that 51% plan to drink on New Year's Eve, and another 27% say they "may drink." Thirty-five percent of the 147 parents of those under 21 surveyed, think their children will drink and another 5% believe their children may drink.”


The fascinating life of an English writer, essayist and 'opium eater'Washington Post


“De Quincey was an opium addict, an alcoholic in all but name, and a man who spent years dodging creditors, constantly moving from one rented room to another.”

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 29


Drugs in the News:


Rehab Admission for Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction Decreases, Marijuana goes up says SAMHSA report – US News & World Report


A Health Day press release says that an SAMHSA report includes these findings:


- The overall rate of substance abuse admissions in the United States remained stable from 1998 to 2008, at about 770 admissions per 100,000 people.

 - Admissions for alcohol use dropped by about 15 percent nationally, but stayed stable in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

 - Admission rates for marijuana use rose by 30 percent nationwide, and were highest in the eight states listed above and in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

 - An earlier SAMHSA report revealed that admission rates for abuse of opiates other than heroin -- including some prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin -- rose by 345 percent from 1998-2008. The new report says admission rates for painkiller abuse rose in every part of the country and were highest in the New England states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) and in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

 - The admission rate for treatment of methamphetamine abuse was 53 percent higher in 2008 than in 1998, although it's down from its peak in 2005.

 - Admissions for cocaine abuse fell by 23 percent nationally.


Child Star Todd Bridges Talks About Addiction and How Counselors Helped Him Kick the Habit - TMZ


Different Strokes star, Todd Bridges, talks to students about the impact substance abuse counselors had on his life while helping him through his addiction.


Washington agency helps turn around chemically dependent kidsSeattle Times


Kent Youth and Family, an agency in Kent, Washington created to deal with teens and addiction, has a huge success rate - 82.1 percent of their substance-abuse clients managed to finish treatment between February 2009 and November 2010.


Ban on raves? Why not football games?


While football games a notorious for hazardous drinking and drug taking activities, elected officials in California are taking am at electronic music festivals, called raves, instead. Charles Davis, author of the blog post for Criminal Justice, makes a poignant point noting, “[raves] differ from football in that they generally don't generate massive corporate (and college) profits that can be used to bolster their support and ability to extract taxpayer dollars from the political establishment.”


America in Recover, a nonprofit job bank, gives former convicts


Businessman, Larry Keast, creates America in Recovery, a nonprofit job bank geared toward former convicts, to show that people with a “checkered past” could make the best employees.

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 16 - 17


Drugs in the News:


Drug Mules Caught on CT ScansCBS News


Scientists are comparing computer tomography (CT) scanning to see how they can be used to help find people smuggling drugs inside their bodies.


‘The Fighter’ shows struggles of addiction, dysfunctionPhiladelphia Daily News


This is a great movie review of Mark Wahlberg’s new movie “The Fighter”, particularly the ways in which the film breaks down what it means to live with an addict.


Prejudice and Discrimination against AddictsDaily Mail


There is much debate about how to treat drug addicts, especially when a rehabilitation center moves into the door. What is the best way to embrace and incorporate recovering addicts into the community?


Criminalize Coffee, Not CannabisThe Daily Beast


The Daily Beast looks at caffeine as an addictive substance and questions what would happen if we turned “all the coffee shops into marijuana dealers.”


Failed Tribeca Condo Building Goes to Hazelden RehabCurbed


Because of the foreclosure crisis around the country, many beautiful and very expensive homes and townhouses remain vacant due to lack of buyers. Unless, of course, you are Hazelden.


Is Sex Addiction Really A Disorder?Neon Tommy


Awesome conglomeration of the top news about sex addiction and the debate around whether or not sex addiction is a clinically diagnosable disorder.

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 15


Drugs in the News:


SF mandates disposal of drugsSF Examiner


According to the paper, San Francisco is “the first city in the nation Tuesday to mandate a drug-disposal program funded by pharmaceutical companies.


“Pharmaceutical companies will be required to set up, fund and operate a program for people to drop off their unwanted and expired prescription drugs for safe disposal by September 2011.”


Dealing with heroin's stigma in UtahThe Spectrum


“The Washington County Drug Task Force made more than 60 heroin-related arrests in 2009 and 2010, compared with four in 2005, while the number of overdoses has also increased. Dixie Regional Medical Center reported at least 12 overdoses per year since 2007, compared with four in 2006 and a total of three from 2000 to 2004.”


Beating addiction, One Man’s Story of RecoveryThe Spectrum


Southern Utah’s news website follows a 25-year-old addict trying to get his life together.

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 14


Drugs in the News:


U.S.: More teens smoke marijuana than cigarettes – Bad or Good thing?USA Today


The NIDA released the survey, “Monitoring the Future Survey” that found daily marijuana use has increased amongst high schoolers in the use, with about one in 16 high school seniors using it “daily or near-daily”.


The article quotes Lloyd Johnston from the University of Michigan’s Institute of Social Research, who is also a lead investigator in the survey, that said, “Young people are increasingly seeing marijuana as not dangerous.” And Nora Volkow of the NIDA said, “today's eighth-graders "have been exposed to a very different perspective on the way that the world is looking at marijuana."”


'Purple Drank' Addiction Sweeps the Inner City- New Media America


The new drink is a legal blend of Sprite and Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup. According to the article, “Sizzurp, Purple Sprite, lean, Bo, and Barre, are a few street names used to describe the concoction. Teens as young as 14 are experimenting with the drug, a legal prescription medicine used to treat severe cough and upper respiratory conditions caused by allergies or the common cold.”


Scotland’s methadone costs 'increase by 25%' in five years - BBC


At a cost of 15 million pounds a year (a little less than $24 million), Scotland’s methadone treatment plans are growing increasingly more expensive. The BBC states, “Methadone prescribing rates rose by 9% in the same period, despite the new strategy to concentrate on recovery from addiction rather than maintenance.”


Queens Court for Veterans Aims to Help, Not PunishNew York Times


The article opens by saying, “New York City’s second criminal court program tailored to military veterans opened in Queens on Monday, expanding the state’s efforts to provide treatment for defendants who may be struggling to cope with the experiences of war.”


It continues by saying, “The new Veterans’ Court in Queens will take defendants whose low-level misdemeanors may have resulted from mental or substance abuse problems arising from military service and steer them to treatment programs.”


More Texans are dying from pill abuseHouston Chronicle


Prescription drug abuse has caught up to Texas; “Deaths by accidental overdoses - including preventable deaths involving prescription drugs - more than doubled from 2000 to 2008, according to the latest statewide death certificates.”

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 11 - 13


Drugs in the News:


Addiction-treatment facility struggling through hard timesClarion Ledger


Addiction treatment program struggles to make it, not because they can’t find funding but because their patients can’t find jobs.


Mothers – the hidden addicts of AfghanistanThe Independent


“Opium is routinely used as a painkiller in parts of the country where there is little medical help.”

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 10


Drugs in the News:


Questions for the Drug CzarThe Nation


The director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy talked with The Nation’s Sasha Abramsky on October 1st about drug reform in America. It is a fascinating discussion about the definition and term “War on Drugs” analogy, the work with other countries, etc.


You can also listen to the entire interview on a podcast at The Nation.


Buprenorphine treatment in pregnancy: less distress to babies – NIH News


NIH study compares buprenorphine to methadone in opioid addicted pregnant women.


Should an Overdose Antidote Be Made More Accessible? - TIME


Should the drug, naloxone, be more available to reverse overdoses on opioids?


“Massachusetts is the latest state to see a positive change after introducing a naloxone distribution program. As WBUR recently reported, for the first time in 15 years, the state experienced a decline in opioid overdose deaths — and the drop was greatest in cities where friends and family members were provided naloxone and trained to use it. The absolute number of overdose deaths in the state dropped by 43 between 2007 and 2008, a 7% decline. “


Perspective: Kicking Drugs After Columbia Bust - TIME


“If we want to actually reduce drug-related problems, we need to understand their roots and devise policies that address them effectively. One thing that certainly doesn't work is incarceration and discriminatory enforcement.”


Ecstasy Conference Comes To Downtown Los Angeles In the Midst of ControversyLA Weekly


“The gathering includes a Friday night party downtown called Metamorphosis that will present a panel discussion, an auction (which will have a first-edition signed copy of Albert Hoffman's LSD: My Problem Child and "laboratory glassware" from "godfather of ecstasy" Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin) and art displays.”

Drug News: December 9


Drugs in the News:


Drinking, Dancing and Lança-perfume in RioTIME


As Rio de Janerio gets ready to host several upcoming world events, they are trying to clear the city of illegal drugs, weapons, etc. TIME reports, while their recent sweep cleared around $60 million worth in drugs and guns, there was an equal amount seized of the drug, lança-perfume. Lança-perfume is an ethyl chloride based drug, kept in little bottles and inhaled from high-pressure tubs.


The drug is synonymous with Carnival. There is also a famous song about it done by Rita Lee, the famous Brazilian singer.



Parents Fear Rising Tide of Drugs, Survey SaysThe National


Survey finds that parents in the United Arab Emirates, located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, are becoming more concerned with drug abuse by children. According to the survey, just one in ten people believe drug use among adolescents is not occurring.


One in Eight People Drove Drunk This YearUSA Today


USA Today reports that, “Nearly one in eight drivers 16 and older drove under the influence of alcohol in the past year, and more than 4% drove under the influence of illicit drugs, says a federal government report that sheds alarming light on the problem of impaired driving in the USA.” This was based on a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) survey of over 200,000 people between 2006 and 2009.


The good news, according to the study, is that drunk driving fell almost one and a half percent (1.4%).


The Nation Republishing Articles on Drugs from 1956


Along with an article about LSD, published in 1966, The Nation magazine has been republishing several articles on drugs and controversies surrounding drugs. After reading the articles, you know why they are doing this: nothing has really changed in what we know about drugs and how to address drug addiction.


“Traffic in Dope: Medical Problem”. Alfred R. Lindesmith. April 25, 1956.

“For forty years the United States has tried in vain to control the problem of drug addiction by prohibition and police suppression. The disastrous consequences of turning over to the police what is an essentially medical problem are steadily becoming more apparent as narcotic arrests rise each year to new records and the habit continues to spread, especially among young persons. Control by prohibition has failed, but the proposed remedies for this failure consist mainly of more of the same measures which have already proved futile.” – Lindesmith, 1956


“What’s Behind ‘Jar Wars’”. Harry Levine and Craig Reinarman. March 28, 1987.

            “First, drug scares are counterproductive even on their own terms.”

            “Second, drug scares not only fail as public health policy, they also divert the nation's attention and resources from more serious problems.”

            “Drug wars have never worked.”

- Levine & Reinarman, 1987


“Drug Addicts with Dirty Needles”. William A. Schwartz. June 20, 1987.


“Rockefeller’s Drug Law: Playing Politics with Addiction.” Carol Trilling. November 9, 1974.

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