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Drug News: December 9 - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Drug News: December 9


Drugs in the News:


Drinking, Dancing and Lança-perfume in RioTIME


As Rio de Janerio gets ready to host several upcoming world events, they are trying to clear the city of illegal drugs, weapons, etc. TIME reports, while their recent sweep cleared around $60 million worth in drugs and guns, there was an equal amount seized of the drug, lança-perfume. Lança-perfume is an ethyl chloride based drug, kept in little bottles and inhaled from high-pressure tubs.


The drug is synonymous with Carnival. There is also a famous song about it done by Rita Lee, the famous Brazilian singer.



Parents Fear Rising Tide of Drugs, Survey SaysThe National


Survey finds that parents in the United Arab Emirates, located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, are becoming more concerned with drug abuse by children. According to the survey, just one in ten people believe drug use among adolescents is not occurring.


One in Eight People Drove Drunk This YearUSA Today


USA Today reports that, “Nearly one in eight drivers 16 and older drove under the influence of alcohol in the past year, and more than 4% drove under the influence of illicit drugs, says a federal government report that sheds alarming light on the problem of impaired driving in the USA.” This was based on a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) survey of over 200,000 people between 2006 and 2009.


The good news, according to the study, is that drunk driving fell almost one and a half percent (1.4%).


The Nation Republishing Articles on Drugs from 1956


Along with an article about LSD, published in 1966, The Nation magazine has been republishing several articles on drugs and controversies surrounding drugs. After reading the articles, you know why they are doing this: nothing has really changed in what we know about drugs and how to address drug addiction.


“Traffic in Dope: Medical Problem”. Alfred R. Lindesmith. April 25, 1956.

“For forty years the United States has tried in vain to control the problem of drug addiction by prohibition and police suppression. The disastrous consequences of turning over to the police what is an essentially medical problem are steadily becoming more apparent as narcotic arrests rise each year to new records and the habit continues to spread, especially among young persons. Control by prohibition has failed, but the proposed remedies for this failure consist mainly of more of the same measures which have already proved futile.” – Lindesmith, 1956


“What’s Behind ‘Jar Wars’”. Harry Levine and Craig Reinarman. March 28, 1987.

            “First, drug scares are counterproductive even on their own terms.”

            “Second, drug scares not only fail as public health policy, they also divert the nation's attention and resources from more serious problems.”

            “Drug wars have never worked.”

- Levine & Reinarman, 1987


“Drug Addicts with Dirty Needles”. William A. Schwartz. June 20, 1987.


“Rockefeller’s Drug Law: Playing Politics with Addiction.” Carol Trilling. November 9, 1974.

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