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Drug News: December 1 - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Drug News: December 1


Drugs in the News:


Overeating As an Addiction Starts Hitting MainstreamNPR


NPR is the latest major news outlet to talk about overeating as an addiction and the impact it can have on a person’s brain, much like cocaine. This is not news in the addiction research and development community. However, it is important to note that, by talking about overeating as addiction, the issues around addiction, rehab and how to treat addicts will increasingly become a topic talked about in the mainstream. Because overeating is so prevalent in the US, this may inadvertently impact the way the public approaches drug addicts and alcoholics.


Baclofen to Treat AutismTIME


TIME magazine does a lengthy piece looking at Baclofen to treat Autism. What about marijuana?


Out of control HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada could be curbed by legalization -


Canadian website,, writes about Dr. Julio Montaner, the director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. According to the article, he has said closing supervised injection sites and pursuing legal action against them is “short-sighted, foolish and irresponsible on the part of the federal government.”


Meth lab busts on the rise and costing billionsCBS           


Tennessee CBS affiliate reports that, in 2005, there were more than 900 meth lab busts in the state of Tennessee costing the state 1.6 billion.


A Hawaiian High School holds National Meth Awareness Day assembly – NBC


An NBC affiliate station in Hawai’i reports on the Hawai’i Meth Project’s effort to educate high schoolers about the effects of meth abuse.


Hawai’i has alarming rates of meth use:


 - 40 percent of people arrested by police in Honolulu tested positive for methamphetamine use, according to a Justice Department report.

 - 30,000 Honolulu residents are hard-core users of the highly addictive drug and as many as three times more are recreational users.

 - Substance abuse — with crystal meth as the No. 1 drug of choice — is associated with 90 percent of the 2,300 confirmed child-abuse cases in the state each year.

 - In a town on the Big Island, 50 percent of teenagers are addicted to crystal methamphetamine.

 - Drug use has had a role in 44 percent of the state's homicides, Kubo said. Much of the state's most high-profile violence, including the shootout between police and Arnold Willets earlier this month in Kane'ohe, has been linked to crystal meth use.

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