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Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 14 - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Drug, Addiction and Rehab News: December 14


Drugs in the News:


U.S.: More teens smoke marijuana than cigarettes – Bad or Good thing?USA Today


The NIDA released the survey, “Monitoring the Future Survey” that found daily marijuana use has increased amongst high schoolers in the use, with about one in 16 high school seniors using it “daily or near-daily”.


The article quotes Lloyd Johnston from the University of Michigan’s Institute of Social Research, who is also a lead investigator in the survey, that said, “Young people are increasingly seeing marijuana as not dangerous.” And Nora Volkow of the NIDA said, “today's eighth-graders "have been exposed to a very different perspective on the way that the world is looking at marijuana."”


'Purple Drank' Addiction Sweeps the Inner City- New Media America


The new drink is a legal blend of Sprite and Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup. According to the article, “Sizzurp, Purple Sprite, lean, Bo, and Barre, are a few street names used to describe the concoction. Teens as young as 14 are experimenting with the drug, a legal prescription medicine used to treat severe cough and upper respiratory conditions caused by allergies or the common cold.”


Scotland’s methadone costs 'increase by 25%' in five years - BBC


At a cost of 15 million pounds a year (a little less than $24 million), Scotland’s methadone treatment plans are growing increasingly more expensive. The BBC states, “Methadone prescribing rates rose by 9% in the same period, despite the new strategy to concentrate on recovery from addiction rather than maintenance.”


Queens Court for Veterans Aims to Help, Not PunishNew York Times


The article opens by saying, “New York City’s second criminal court program tailored to military veterans opened in Queens on Monday, expanding the state’s efforts to provide treatment for defendants who may be struggling to cope with the experiences of war.”


It continues by saying, “The new Veterans’ Court in Queens will take defendants whose low-level misdemeanors may have resulted from mental or substance abuse problems arising from military service and steer them to treatment programs.”


More Texans are dying from pill abuseHouston Chronicle


Prescription drug abuse has caught up to Texas; “Deaths by accidental overdoses - including preventable deaths involving prescription drugs - more than doubled from 2000 to 2008, according to the latest statewide death certificates.”

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