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Celebrity Drug and Rehab News

Celebrity Drug News: TI Sentenced to 11 Months in Jail



Celebrity Drug News: T.I. has been sentenced to 11 months in jail for his parole violation for having drugs in his car when him and his wife were pulled by police in September.


While T.I. told the judge that he struggles with drug abuse and wanted to get help by going to rehabilitation, the judge did not grant him time in rehabilitation.


T.I. has dropped a new single featuring Chris Brown. Its lyrics point to the state T.I. is in and how he feels about the situation.


Celebrity Drug News: Pat O'Brien, Elvis and Lindsay Lohan


Celebrity Drug News:This past weekend Pat O’Brien talked to RadarOnline about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab and what she needs to do to get over her addiction. O'Brien said that a person has to want help to get help. He mentioned Elvis Presley and the fact that the people around him never said no or tried  Elvisto stop his drug addiction, which is what lead to his downfall. 


O’Brien said that since Lohan is in rehab she “will get it”, but if she doesn’t realize that she needs to change her habits, lifestyle, and get clean or she will die. The celebrity news commentator also mentioned that while he hasn't spoken to Lohan in awhile, he loves her and thinks that she is a smart girl.


Back in 2008, when O’Brien was going to rehab for the second time, an ABC News report makes the interesting correlation between what happens to normal people when they have to stop working and go to rehabilitation versus celebrities, whose companies are typically supportive and understanding. There is also an element of peer understanding – while in Hollywood, rehab is almost “a right of passage”, in reality most addicts are criticized by their co-workers and community. Although this article was written in 2008, this still rings true with celebrity drug addicts.


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Jerry Lewis Wants to Slap the Addiction Out of Lindsay Lohan


Celebrity Drug News: Although this happened in early September, we thought we would once again bring out this interview with comedian Jerry Lewis, who said he would smack Lindsay Lohan across the mouth and send her to rehab and would do the same thing to Lindsay Lohan.




Celebrity Anti-Drug PSAs Send New Signal to Teens about Drug Abuse


Celebrity Drug News: The Sundt Memorial Foundation is the nonprofit behind the Natural High Movement – a DVD series aimed at presenting drug education and awareness to teens in a fun and inspiring way. According to Natural High’s website, their anti-drug DVDs and celebrity public service announcements have been given to over 110,000 schools in the US.



Several celebrities including Lauren Conrad, musician Cassadee Pope and many more have also joined the Natural High team to make 3 to 5 minute PSAs talking about where they come from, what inspires them, and why they don’t do drugs. Celebrities typically always generate publicity for an organization. So, it is nice to see celebrities coming out against drug abuse, when so many are the in the news inadvertently doing the opposite by getting arrested.



We look forward to watching Natural High’s progress as they continue to educate kids about drugs and addiction!

Intense Rehab Schedule Keeps Lohan from SNL


Lindsay Lohan, rehab, overcoming addictionCelebrity Drug News: When talking about Lindsay Lohan’s potential post-jail appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, and Saturday Night Light, a celebrity gossip blog noted that Lohan’s cannot make these appearances until at least November 1st. This is because of her intense rehabilitation schedule of four psychotherapy sessions, two addiction counseling sessions, five 12-step meetings every week, plus random drug testing twice a week.


There are several keys to overcoming addiction. Two of them are accountability and a supportive community. To have the most success, the two must go together. A supportive community helps an addict deal with his/her issues honestly and realistically. It should also be a non-judgmental space, so the person feels safe to communicate what they are feeling. When this trust is developed, the community can empower the addict to utilize the skills learned in treatment. If the addict bonds with the people in the community and that she is taken care of and can contribute to other people’s recovery, he/she will more likely receive the group’s advice, accountability and want to impress them with her ability to recover.


According to Lohan’s rehab to-do list, it appears that she has the accountability part down, which will help facilitate a quick recovery. However, a supportive, non-judgmental community that she can be open and honest with might be harder to come by.

Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne and Larry King Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Celebrity Drug News: Celebrities are always getting glammed up and making appearances to show their public support for charities and special causes. Not only does this philanthropic support put the celebrity in a favorable light, it also draws support and press for the organization and cause itself. This past Friday was no exception when everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kelly and Sharon Osbourne to Larry King live supported an event for The Brent Shapiro Foundation. Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Brent Shapiro, drug addiction


The Brent Shapiro Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness about drug and alcohol abuse through education for young people, parents, and teachers. Brent Shapiro, the son of Robert and Linell Shapiro, died tragically in 2005 from a fatal combination of alcohol and Ecstasy. The foundation has a variety of programs that provide education about drugs and alcohol, including the Save a Life card, which is a small card that lists the signs and symptoms of a drug overdose and instructions on what to do. These cards are given to school to give to their children.


For more information on The Brent Shapiro Organization, go to

Paris Hilton's Drug Smuggling Takes Fall after Lohan's Summer in Jail


paris hilton, lindsay lohan, drugsCelebrity Drug News: Lindsay Lohan’s flirtation with drugs and jail has come and gone from the news as pathetically as Los Angeles has transitioned from summer to fall. It seems having Lindsay in the spot like was too much for Paris Hilton. The dawning of a new season means bring on the scarves, sweaters, and Paris smuggling drugs in her privates!


Paris Hilton transporting illegal drugs in her nether regions is this season’s B List celebrity + drugs  = scandal = millions of people tuning in to listen to endless clichés and chauvinist innuendo-filled news bites. A ‘Girls Gone Wild’ cameraman, Ryan Simkin, has published a new book that details how Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, told him to make a delivery of illicit drugs to Hilton. If you don’t remember the scandal several seasons past, Joe Francis used to date Paris Hilton. Apparently, Simkin did more for Francis than just filming. When the GGW cameraman delivered the drugs to Hilton, she took the drugs and indicated that while on her commercial flight to Europe she would be storing them down below.


Hilton has not confirmed the validity of Simkin's drug smuggling details. However, Paris was recently arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. After her multiple upskirt incidences, does this accusation seem that far from a possibility?  


This is going to be a great month for the cameraman's his book sales. Thank The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Gawker, even Drug Rehab Treatment Help, for all of the free publicity. And CNN and MSNBC can thank his publishers for this season’s news worthy celebrity drug scandal.


(Side note: this is a great case study on how publishers are generating buzz for new books. Although, I don’t think FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild, is high on the reading list for book clubs and boutique bookstore readings.)


Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images