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Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Where do I start?!


Drug and alcohol addiction is a complicated issue that effects millions of lives each year. It is often very hard to find straight-forward information about how people get addicted to drugs, why people get addicted to drugs, and why people can’t stop using. Based on research from reputable centers and institutions, we have compiled a straightforward explanation of the process.  drug and alcohol addiction


Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Help answer your questions about drug addiction, alcoholism and rehab:


Basic Definitions:

Drugs: What are drugs made of?

Addiction: What is addiction?

Addicts: Who becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?

Rehab: What is rehab?


Help for your loved ones:

Teen addiction: My Teen is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Help!

Types of treatment: What types of treatment are available?


Signs, Symptoms of Drug Addiction & Alcoholism:

 Side-effects of drugs: What types of side-effects do drugs have?

 Signs and Symptoms of Addiction: What are the symptoms of drug addiction and alcoholism?




Drug Questions:

Types of Drugs: What are drugs made out of?

Street Names: What are drugs street names?

Short-term & Long-term effects: What are the short-term and long-term effects of drugs?


Drug, Addiction & Rehab in the News:

New Drug News: Drug, Addiction, Rehab Daily News

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