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Depression After Quitting

When you first stop smoking pot, doing drugs or drinking alcohol, you feel good about your decision. You are motivated and ready to make a change in your life. Even though you go back and forth in your mind, convincing yourself of reasons why you should stay sober, you know that quitting is the right thing to do. This keeps you from taking a toke, drink, or injection for the first few days.

Reason for Addiction 2: Genetics

Not every person is born the same way or with the same genetic make up. This is what gives each person different skin tones, eye color, temperaments, tastes, etc. These differences in genetics also apply to drug use and addiction, including the propensity or susceptibility a person has to want to use drugs or become addicted.

My Son is an Addict: What does that mean?

Raising children is one of the greatest, most fulfilling, and most challenging experiences that a person can have. It takes an enormous amount of work to provide for their needs, teach them the ways of the world, and keep them from harm. It is heart breaking, frustrating, and extremely difficult, if after devoting years of your heart, soul, money and time to your son or daughter, he or she becomes involved with the wrong friends, starts sneaking out of the house to drink or do drugs, or, worse, becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Reason for Addiction 1: Social Context

Drug addiction does not happen overnight. By learning that there can be many factors that contribute to how, why, when and where an individual becomes addicted to drugs or becomes an alcoholic, there is a greater understanding of a person's situation.

War on Drugs has Failed

The Vienna Declaration uses statistics that connect the relationship between HIV and drug use. For example, outside of sub-Saharan Africa, 1 in 3 new HIV infections are from injecting illegal drugs and in parts of the world, such as Eastern Europe and Central Asia, about 70% of drug users who inject are infected with HIV.1

Withdrawal Symptoms of Heartbreak

TIME magazine has reported on a study done by professors from Rutgers University, Einstein College of Medicine and State University of New York, Stony Brook, that looks at the brain activity and subsequent reactions of individuals who had been dumped by their girlfriends or boyfriends. The results are surprising!

Therapist Talks Television and Cognitive Behavior Techniques for The Huffington Post

Beck's first post reprimands the Dr. Phil types of therapy that you see on TV, which typically dig deep into a patient's bad relationship or dysfunctional behavior instead of finding ways to fix problems.

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