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Conclusion Number One of the Lohan Saga - She likes drugs

So far we've got Lohan failed two mandatory drug tests, tweeted about it, partied it up the same night, and attended AA meetings the next day. Producers of her new movie, Inferno (as if you haven't heard that straight-to-video-blockbuster-title 500 million times already) "stand behind her." Could her issues with the law be for a movie or does she just like drugs?

Warrant Out for Lindsay's Arrest

The new judge on Lindsay Lohan's case, Elden Fox, is picking up the pressure on Lohan right where Revel left off. According to TMZ, Judge Fox has issued the warrant because of Lindsay's failure to pass two mandatory drug tests. The tests were positive for cocaine in one instance and amphetamines in the second. According to the Daily Mail, the failure of one drug test equals 30 days in jail.

What Does a Probation Violation Mean for TI?

Rapper T.I. was arrested and convicted on drug possession charges earlier this month. TI arrested, substance possessionThe most recent news about the case is that an Atlanta judge has summoned T.I. to return from Los Angeles to Atlanta in order to account for his possible violations of possession, testing positive for opiates, and association with a felon. All of these convictions have varied potential consequences, which is up to the discretion of the judge. This could range from going back to jail, fines, or an extended probation.

Courts Take Advantage of Lindsay Lohan: Jail Sentence was Unfair

What is typical for a person to get sentenced for two DUIs and violating probation. Did Lohan get the same treatment of most offenders? Or is Lindsay Lohan's sentence and court scrutiny overblown and unfair?

Intense Rehab Schedule Keeps Lohan from SNL

When talking about Lindsay Lohan's potential post-jail appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, and Saturday Night Light, a celebrity gossip blog noted that Lohan's cannot make these appearances until at least November 1st. This is because of her intense rehabilitation schedule of four psychotherapy sessions, two addiction counseling sessions, five 12-step meetings every week, plus random drug testing twice a week.

The Circle of Addiction

Compare research done on the chemical make up of drugs, how they affect the brain, how they make people addicted, how addiction manifests in people's lives and you'll find the same process. No matter what a person's addiction, drug addiction, sex or porn addiction, food addiction or eating disorders, all are fundamentally connected to the same physiological process.

How to Prevent Relapse

If you are trying to stay clean and sober, the threat of relapse is always on your mind. It begins the minute you decide to stop using, start detoxing, and begin professional or personal treatment of your addiction(s).

10 Ways to Stop Being Depressed

There are tons of articles in magazines and online that give you ways to get happy. You start reading and you see that one of the top 10 suggestions to getting happy is HUMMING. You think, Are you kidding me?! I'm depressed. I'm looking for serious solutions to help me get out of bed! I want to know how to get to the bottom of why I'm not happy and you give me I should be humming more?!

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