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What is a SCRAM bracelet?

Are SCRAM bracelets the must have asseccory for the winter? Do you know what a SCRAM bracelet really does?

10 Myths about Rehab and Addiction

Bad information can spread fast. This could be dangerous when it comes to addiction and rehabilitation information. Make sure you don't mistakenly perpetuate these myths!

How to Deal with a Drug Addict

Knowing what you and cannot do when dealing with an addict is one of the most difficult issues surrounding drug addiction and dealing with an addict. There are so many issues surrounding how to deal with an addict. How you act depends on whether of not he/she is high, how many bad experiences you have had in dealing with him/her, your emotions towards the person, wishing they would just stop, his/her emotions toward you.

Jerry Lewis Wants to Slap the Addiction Out of Lindsay Lohan

Is violence really the way to help Lindsay, Jerry?

Celebrity Anti-Drug PSAs Send New Signal to Teens about Drug Abuse

The effectiveness of public service announcements is often debatable. What do you think about these new anti-drug PSAs from celebrities like Lauren Conrad?

How to Detox From Drugs, Yourself!

The majority of people dealing with drug addiction don't go to a professional rehabilitation treatment center. They detox themselves. Here's some tips on how you can detox from drugs.

Lindsay Lohan's Goes to Rehab Again but For Real

Lindsay Lohan is at the Betty Ford Clinic until her October 22nd court date.

Will Lindsay Lohan rake in millions by pulling a Joaquin Phoenix?

Joaquin Phoenix just did one of the most intense performances; his life became art. Is Lindsay going through all of her drama to do the same thing? Are Lindsay's drug, rehab and legal issues research for her next movie roll?

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