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What Marijuana and Cocaine Have in Common

Marijuana legalization is a hot topic these days. Cocaine addiction is continually studied and researched. We look at the information provided about these two drugs and ask questions as to how they might be related.

How to Help an Addict: TED TALK 3

The third in our TED talk series look at Itay Talgam's analysis of music conductors, their leadership styles and the role that control plays in drug addiction treatment

TED TALK 2: Is Our Treatment of Addicts and Substance Abusers Fair?

How does the way addicts are portrayed, talked about contributing to the stigma? Is the treatment community empowering addicts to be agents of change? Emily Levine's hilarious TED Talk points to helps make connections.

Celebrity Drug News: TI Sentenced to 11 Months in Jail

T.I. gets sentenced to 11 months in jail for violating his parole. What does he do to commemorate the drama: a new hit featuring Chris Brown.

TED TALK 1: Love Addiction and Drug Addiction, One in the Same?

Helen Fisher looks at the drug of romantic love. What does her research show about drug addiction?

10 TED Talks for Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

Talks from the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conferences are inspiring, educational and available online for the whole world to watch and learn from today's best and brightest in science, business and many other fields. We have chosen our favorite TED talks and tell you how they realte to drugs, addiction and rehabilitation.

New Oxycontin Does Not Give High

When robbers were robbing a pharmecy for OxyContin and found out it was the new formula, they abandoned the robbery!

Stress and Addiction

One can only imagine what it feels like to be in the shoes of Chile's rescued miners. The intensity, the emotion, and the stress. What does that do to a person's mental state, nerves and body? How will the miners and their families be coached on to channel their emotions, thoughts and stress levels?

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