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Addiction and the Holidays: How to Deal

The holidays can be rough, whether you are an addict or not. There are several things you can do to help you get through the holidays and maybe even enjoy them!

Keith Urban and Oprah on Rehab, Stress and Relationships

Oprah recently interview country music star, Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman. Talking about rehab, relapse and how addiction impacts an addict's loved one as much as the addict should expand the way we look at celebrity addiction.

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Open Her Own Rehab

According to Dina Lohan, Lindsay wants to help others and open a rehabiliation center. Would you go to her rehab if you had a problem?

Does a relapse mean you have to go back to day one?

Let us know what you think. Does a drug or alcohol relapse take you back to day one?

TED TALK 6: How Culture Affects Your Choice to Do Drugs

How does choice impact addiction? Although it is the causes of drug addiction are heavily debate, how an addit's culture impacts choice could give more answers to why people choose to do drugs.

The Secrets to Success: TED Talk 5

Everyone wants to know the secret to success. Speaker Richard St. John interviewed over 500 successful people from all walks of life and here is what they said about what it takes to be successful.

Celebrity Drug News: Lohan Gets Rehab Until Next Year

Lindsay Lohan made a court appearance today. Although the D.A. wanted her to have 180 days in

Healing through Honesty and Creativity: TED Talk 4

French artist JR was awarded the TED prize for his photography and filmmaking. We explore a bit of his work to talk about how spaces creativity allow for the honesty needed to heal from addiction.

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