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The President, Smoking and the Role Model Questions (Again)

Should President Obama be a role model for teens and children when it comes to questions about drug use?

Gossip Magazines and Celebrity Drug Use: Have they gone too far?

Celebrity gossip magazines love it when a celebrity, like Miley Cyrus, makes a bad decision. But do they go too far? How do stories about celebrity drug use impact the conversation about drug abuse amongst non-celebrities?

Magic Mint and Sally D: Is the new hallucinogen safe?

Salvia divinorum, or Magic Mint as it is known on the street, is a hallucinogen from Mexico that is now being clinically tested. And the biggest question is, is it safe?

Nurse Jackie and the Role Model Debate

When the reality that doctors and nurses struggle with drug addiction is visualized in an award winning television series, you know it is an issue in real life. How does the issue of medical professionals struggling with addiction impact the debate of who should be a role models to struggling addicts?

LSD and Your Altered State of Minds - Mind Hacks and The Nation

LSD and mind-altering substances are getting a little buzz, particularly, how social environment impacts the type of high we get. Mind Hacks explains. The Nation gives an example.

How to Listen to Your Teenager

Teens face a variety of troubles and issues in their daily lives. Whether or not they let on that they want to talk about them, in reality, they do. Here are a few quick tips you can employ to help you better listen to your teen.

Should former addicts do PSAs? Ask Bristol Palin, The Situation and Keith Olbermann

Can the debate between MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Bristol Palin about who should and should be a role model be applied to drug addiction?

Battle of the Food Addictions

With both anorexia and over eating are both eating disorders, the cost of treatment for these addictions are very different. Find out who is in control of determining the price.

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