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Will Lindsay Lohan rake in millions by pulling a Joaquin Phoenix? - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Will Lindsay Lohan rake in millions by pulling a Joaquin Phoenix?


If you don’t remember (aka you don’t read celebrity gossip blogs and don’t like movie reviews), let me refresh your memory by telling you about Joaquin Phoenix. JP was an exceptionally talented actor from a family of performers, most notably, his brother, the late actor River Phoenix. Joaquin had marvelous performances in movies like Gladiator and Walk the Line, to name a few. Then, last year after completing production of the movie Two Lovers, Joaquin went awall. He quit acting, stopped taking showers, and told fans that he was solely devoted to developing his rap career (which needed a lot a lot of development, ask Diddy). The epitome of his WTF decision was an appearance on the David Letterman show:



He was crazy. It was sad – we had lost one of the few truly brilliant actors of our day. How could this happen? What caused him to go out of his mind? Some might go as far as calling his changes a skeptical. And indeed it was.


Phoenix and co-creator Casey Affleck recently premiered their new movie, Still Here. The movie chronicles, you guessed it, Phoenix’s digression into crazy town. And, you also guessed it, Joaquin’s “I’m quitting acting” shenanigans was all for the sake of the role and the movie.



How does Joaquin Phoenix apply to Lindsay Lohan?


The Joaquin Phoenix episode applies to Lindsay Lohan in two ways.


First, when Lohan failed her two mandatory drug tests, producers of the movie Inferno, in which Lohan leads as porn star Linda Lovelace, said they are “standing by Lindsay.” The director also says that, despite the fact that Lohan could be going to jail again, he will wait for her. The question is then, why are they being so nice? Aren’t these people losing money from Lindsay not being able to work? The answer: no. In fact, they are hoping her drama will rake in millions for Inferno. How can this be?


Lindsay Lohan

There literally been millions of articles written about Lindsay’s drama over the last few months. Every day there is something new that she has done or hasn’t done that will get her in jail or piss off her father. And in the majority of these articles, when talking about her pending future, who is quoted? The “we stand by Lindsay” Inferno people. Cha-ching!


Lindsay Lohan and her spell with drugs and the law have put what could have been a straight-to-DVD classic on the map. Just to see Lindsay’s first movie after jail, people are going to go see the biopic, even if it is horrible.


The second question that should be asked is, Is Lindsay pulling a Joaquin Phoenix for this Lovelace roll? Linda Lovelace became famous because of her work in the 1972 film Deep Throat. Her story starts with marrying a misogynist who became her pimp and forced her to act in pornographic films at gunpoint. She later became addicted to cocaine and amphetamines and then had a career in anti-pornography activism.


Is Lohan doing “research” on what it is like to be a tormented, drug-addicted movie star who is forced to have a career she doesn’t want? Lohan imitating Lovelace’s experiences might be stretching the genius of her “research” a bit too far. But, if pulling a “Joaquin Phoenix” and researching a “character” so far that it becomes the actor’s actual life becomes a Hollywood meme, it could be the perfect excuse for the Hollywood starlet - especially if it keeps Inferno as widely talked about as Still Here.

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