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What is a SCRAM bracelet? - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

What is a SCRAM bracelet?


After reading about the many celebrities who have worn SCRAM bracelets, we decided to investigate the accessory and its purpose. Here is what we found:


What does SCRAM stand for?


SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. The company Alcohol Monitoring Systems manufactures the bracelet, as well as an entire tracking system that is used by parole officers, the department of corrections, sheriffs, specialty courts, family courts, veterans treatment courts, and 24/7 sobriety programs to track people’s blood alcohol levels.


SCRAM Bracelet

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What does the SCRAM do?


The bracelet measures and monitors the amount of alcohol in the wearer’s body by using his/her perspiration (sweat). Once the amount of alcohol is collected, the device sends the information to the Alcohol Monitoring System’s location. The manufacturer then gives the information to the appropriate parties. The main purpose of the SCRAM is to ensure abstinence from alcohol.


SCRAM bracelet

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Is the SCRAM accurate?


Emax Health notes that, while alcohol (particularly ethanol) is attracted to water and easily detected in a person’s sweat, the specific amount of alcohol in a person’s body cannot be detected. Also, the SCRAM does not distinguish between different types of alcohol-based fluids. Therefore, a person wearing a SCRAM cannot use mouthwash, perfumes, hairsprays, etc.


SCRAM bracelet


When is a SCRAM bracelet used?


The SCRAM bracelet is used in several instances, including:


 - Driving under the influence with extremely high blood alcohol content levels

 - Repeat DUI/DWI offences

 - Pre-trial, probation and parole issues

 - Ease jail overcrowding


Can a person easily take off the SCRAM?


According to one article about the SCRAM, the bracelet is tamper-proof because there internal system in the bracelet alerts the manufacturer if there is “an attempt to defeat” the bracelet. This results in sentencing violations, possible extensions of using the bracelet, or fines.




There are several interesting blog posts about the SCRAM bracelet and how it impacts a person’s life.


Do you know someone who has had to wear a SCRAM bracelet? What do you think about the SCRAM bracelet? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below!

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