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What Does a Probation Violation Mean for TI? - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

What Does a Probation Violation Mean for TI?


Rapper T.I. was arrested and convicted on drug possession charges earlier this month. TI arrested, substance possessionThe most recent news about the case is that an Atlanta judge has summoned T.I. to return from Los Angeles to Atlanta in order to account for his possible violations of possession, testing positive for opiates, and association with a felon.  All of these convictions have varied potential consequences, which is up to the discretion of the judge (much like Lindsay Lohan’s case). This could range from going back to jail, fines, or an extended probation.


TI arrestedT.I. has had a tumultuous journey beginning in 1998 with a violation of controlled substance act and other various probation violations including illegal arms and illegal substance possession. T.I. has gone through several stints with the state for lack of community service, testifying in murder cases, to his recent arrest for drug possession. His wife, Tameka Cottle, was also arrested this past September. 


T.I. has a deep resume including multi-platinum albums, CEO of the record label, Grand Hustle Records, and many movie credits to his name. Most recently, T.I. was executive produced and starred in the movie, The Takers. Also starring Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Chris Brown, and Zoe Saldana, the movie hit #1 at the box office opening weekend. T.I. has also done philanthropic and community work with Hurricane Katrina victims and the Boys and Girls Clubs in the Atlanta, Georgia.

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