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The Secrets to Success: TED Talk 5 - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

The Secrets to Success: TED Talk 5


Speaker: Richard St. John




Everyone wants to know the secret to success. If you are going through a rehab program or are in AA, the biggest question running through you mind is typically, 


“When will I get better? Will I ever be able to live a successful, drug-free life?”



The answer is yes. When you work hard, you see results. This applies in business, in relationships and when you are battling addiction. Speaker Richard St. John interviewed over 500 successful people from all walks of life and here is what they said about what it takes to be successful.



Relation to addiction:


Of course these 8 elements of success are easier said than done. Especially because within each of these 8 characteristics, there are a number of things that you have to do in order to stay in line with them. For example, how much focus does it take to stay focused? How do you cultivate ideas? What happens when you have been pushed and have failed so much that you don’t want to persist?


Secrets to Success


All of these are questions that we face everyday, and that, when recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, can be very hard. However, these are important goals, benchmarks, and strategies to help us keep our eyes on the prize. It sets out a plan for each one of our successes, while at the same time, giving us the room to find passion and who we want to serve in our own way!

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