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Robert Weiss on Sex Addiction - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Robert Weiss on Sex Addiction


There have been many media outlets and addiction recovery programs that have questioned the concept of sex addiction, specifically the increase in people who claim to be sex addicts and the cost of sex addiction treatment.


The Sexual Recovery Institute has recently released a YouTube video of founder, Robert Weiss and a reel of his comments on various television channels.



Some of the statistics he gives about sexual addiction are incredible. For example, Weiss states in one interview with Larry King:


“85% of the couples that come in with an extensive betrayal stay together anyway. Because they have more going on - they have families, they have kids, they have money, they have relationships, they have church.  There is a lot going on there.”


Weiss has been interviewed by CNN, Oprah, ESPN and international news channels.

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