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Drugs, Addiction and Rehab: Vancouver, Canada - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Drugs, Addiction and Rehab: Vancouver, Canada

Combine the term “Canada” with your online search for a drug or alcohol news and you will get a varying range of news articles about drug addiction and alcoholism. However, one thing that is obvious is a clear distinction between Canadian news’ coverage of drug and alcohol related topics versus the US news outlets.


Canadian news broadcast

Associated Press news broadcast from San Francisco, CA, USA


While these two different reports on the cost of alcohol should by no means be considered an equal comparison, they do point to the different ways that the cost of alcohol is being reported on in the two countries.


To most Canadians, the difference in the way drugs, addiction and types of addiction treatment are discussed in Canada is a no-brainer. In fact, many media analysts have extensively noted the ways in which each country portrays various issues that affect both countries. However, as it becomes increasingly clear that the United States needs alternative methods to deal with drug addiction, what cues can we take from our northern neighbors?


Here are some of the other latest stories of what Vancouver, Canada is doing to impact drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation:


Vancouver, Canada has first legal drug consumption roomFox News, US


“Vancouver, Canada, has North America's first legal drug consumption room — dubbed as "a safe, health-focused place where people inject drugs and connect to health care services." Brazil and Uruguay have eliminated jail time for people carrying small amounts of drugs for personal use.”

Incite clinic, Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver sets example for “opening needle exchanges, legalizing and regulating the drug trade, and overdose prevention methods” in the USThe Tyee, Canada


“There are only two safe consumption facilities in North America, both in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.”


“Insite is located in the city's Downtown Eastside, often referred to as Canada's Poorest Postal Code. Injection drug users in that area have a mortality rate 14 times higher than the rest of B.C., with an HIV rate of four in 10, and a hepatitis C rate of nine out of 10 users.


“The facility consists of 12 safe-injection booths, monitored by nurses, where clients are provided with clean syringes, cookers, filters, water, and tourniquets, as well as education on safe injection practices that limit the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. Injection drug use is illegal in Canada, but Insite applied for and received an exemption from the federal government to run the site, though the current government is trying to shut the facility down.”


There are approximately 12,000 registered clients at Insite, but in 2009 only 5,447 used the clinic, with an average 491 injections per day. That year 484 overdose interventions were performed, with no fatalities -- in fact, no one has died at Insite since it opened, but the long lines mean some people walk away without injecting.“


For more information on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, check out Free Speech Radio’s Zack Baddorf’s documentary, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside: Life on the Margins.


Study recommends free booze for homeless alcoholicsCTV Toronto


“Alcohol is the cheapest drug in B.C., says a report released Thursday by the Centre for Addictions Research, which recommends a hike in liquor prices to reduce illness and injuries. “


“At the same time, researchers at centre at the University of Victoria recommend setting up a type of safe-drinking program offering free alcohol to homeless alcoholics to reduce their use of hazardous sources such as rubbing alcohol or mouthwash. “

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