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10 TED Talks for Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation - Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

10 TED Talks for Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation


TED TalksGoogle “TED talks,” click on the Sapling Foundation’s Technology, Entertainment and Design, and you instantly have hours of engaging, informative and entertaining talks by the world’s leading scientists, scholars, entertainers and politicians. Speakers have 8 to 18 minutes to enthrall you with a bit of information that can change the way you look at the world and yourself. 


At Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment, we love the TED talks. They are a perfect way to take a minute each day and expand our minds and how we approach drug, addiction and rehab news and information.


Every day for the next week, we will post one or two of our TED talks, in no particular order, that relate (even roundaboutly) to drugs, addiction, and rehabilitation.


Have fun!



TED TALK 1: Love Addiction and Drug Addiction, One in the Same?

Helen Fisher looks at the drug of romantic love. What does her research show about drug addiction?


TED TALK 2: Is Our Treatment of Addicts and Substance Abusers Fair?

How does the way addicts are portrayed, talked about contributing to the stigma? Is the treatment community empowering addicts to be agents of change? Emily Levine's hilarious TED Talk points to helps make connections.


TED TALK 3: How to Help an Addict

The third in our TED talk series look at Itay Talgam's analysis of music conductors, their leadership styles and the role that control plays in drug addiction treatment.


TED TALK 4: Healing through Honesty and Creativity

French artist JR was awarded the TED prize for his photography and filmmaking. We explore a bit of his work to talk about how spaces creativity allow for the honesty needed to heal from addiction.


TED TALK 5: The Secrets to Success

Everyone wants to know the secret to success. Speaker Richard St. John interviewed over 500 successful people from all walks of life and here is what they said about what it takes to be successful.


TED TALK 6: How Culture Affects Your Choice to Do Drugs

How does choice impact addiction? Although it is the causes of drug addiction are heavily debate, how an addict's culture impacts choice could give more answers to why people choose to do drugs.


TED TALK 7: Men and Addiction

What are the stereotypes and restrictions we place on men throughout their lives? How does this impact their interactions with drugs? Desire to get help for their addiction? Ability to successfully recover? Tony Porter's TED Talk gives us some clues about men and addiction.





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