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Ted Talk 9: Does too much choice cause drug addiction?

We look at Barry Schwartz and his TED Talk about choice to understand how being overwhelmed with everyday decisions can lead to taking drugs.

Drugs, Addiction and Rehab: Vancouver, Canada

We quickly survey the cities where our top online visitors live. Check out our look at Vancouver, Canada and their approach to drugs, addiction and rehabilitation methods.

TED Talk 8: You Must Make Mistakes to Recover from Addiction

TED speaker, Diana Laufenberg, talks about the need to approach education in a new way. One of those ways includes failure. Does this apply to drug addiction rehabilitation?

TED Talk 7: Men and Addiction

What are the stereotypes and restrictions we place on men throughout their lives? How does this impact their interactions with drugs? Desire to get help for their addiction? Ability to successfully recover? Tony Porter's TED Talk gives us some clues about men and addiction.

PLoS Study Asks: Does taking prescription drugs make you violent?

New research finds that some types of prescription medication cause users to be violent.

Gambling Addiction: Financial Woe or Emotional Issue?

Gambling addiction is on the rise but what are the signs and symptoms of problem gambling? We look at the what and why of gambling addiction.

Robert Weiss on Sex Addiction

Founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute releases media reel, revealing some harsh statistics about sex addiction.

Drug Prevention: Use a Watchful Eye

New experiments using drawings of large eyes are producing fabulous examples of how to keep people accountable. Will this work to prevent drug use in public places?

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