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10 TED Talks for Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

Talks from the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conferences are inspiring, educational and available online for the whole world to watch and learn from today's best and brightest in science, business and many other fields. We have chosen our favorite TED talks and tell you how they realte to drugs, addiction and rehabilitation.


Marijuana and Autism Debate Revisited

In the face of news about prescription drug addiction and marijuana legalization, few focus prescriptions drugs, their effect on people with autism and marijuana as an alternative.  


Love is a Drug - Literally love is a drug

A recent study finds that passionate love has the same brain pathway and sparks the same brain chemistry as cocaine and other drugs. Could this be why a person can litterally have withdrawal from heart break? Read about the study, what this means for addiction research, and how it will impact your love life.


Stress and Addiction

One can only imagine what it feels like to be in the shoes of Chile's rescued miners. The intensity, the emotion, and the stress. What does that do to a person's mental state, nerves and body? How will the miners and their families be coached on to channel their emotions, thoughts and stress levels?


Binge Drinking: On the rise in America and Abroad

A new government survey has found that 1 out of 3 adults and 2 out of 3 high school students binge drink in the United States. Europeans have been dealing with an increase in binge drinking since 1995. Check out some of the hilarious public service announcement against binge drinking & what is behind the U.S. government's binge drinking stats.


What is a SCRAM bracelet?

You see celebrities wearing them, but are SCRAM bracelets the next accessory you want in your wardrobe? 


Celebrity Anti-Drug PSAs Send New Signal to Teens about Drug Abuse

Non-profit, Natural High, produces and distributes public service announcements and educational material showing kids a new way to enjoy their lives. 


How to Detox from Drugs, Yourself!

Based on Peter McDermott's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Detox, this is a easy to read guide that will help you start your own detox process... 


Therapist Talks Television and Cognitive Behavior Techniques

Dr. Judith S. Beck, an expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, has a series  for The Huffington Post talking about everything from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and psychotherapy practitioners in general, to myths about Cognitive Behavior Therapy, to the everyday problems people face, such as... 


Withdrawal Symptoms of Heartbreak  Withdrawal symptoms

TIME magazine recently reported on a study done  that looks at the brain activity and subsequent reactions of individuals who had been dumped by their girlfriends or boyfriends. Is it possible that heartbreak has the same withdrawals symptoms as cocaine addiction?








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